I will start this off by giving a little background information about the story. Yesterday I bought my son a new video game that he had wanted for a long time, did not get my daughter anything. So of course had to even every thing up today and took her shopping to pick out a little something just for her.  She ends up in the doll section of the toy store wanting a new babydoll and I am trying like crazy to talk her into something else anything else, we have at least 10 baby's laying around in various states of neglect because she really does not play with them very often anymore. So Madelyn and I are going back and forth on this for a while and she really seems to want this doll and nothing else. I don't know what made this thought come into my mind but I am so happy it did, I just thought This may be the last babydoll you ever buy for her. She is 7 and  I am happy she still loves her babies and wants to play innocent games like House and School with them still. Madelyn is my last baby and I will buy her new baby dolls for as long as she wants me to because someday not so far down the line she will want big girl toys and really I prefer babydolls myself. So we have a new baby today and her name is Isabelle and Madely played wth her all day long

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:56 PM My 10 year finally gave up her Barbies. My Niece who is 11 stills plays with baby dolls. My 10 year old is into talking on the phone now. Yep ! here we go with that already.

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