I am having a major problem. I have a friend( which i don't know if i would call her my friend now!) she introduced me to her cousin and i did the same for her. Well she got mad that me and her cousin got really close and now he is the father of my baby. Well she has always wanted to be me. I don't know why i am not very special. I don't have money i am just really close to my family and all. Well she told me she had to get married first. Ok that was all cool me and John are not going to get married for my dads insurance is really good for me and my son. Well that all cool and dandy i have sat around and listen to her talk about getting married. Well i guess she hated that it hasn't made me mad yet or broke me and her cousin up.

Well i am due on August 4th and all well she calls me today and tells me she pregnant. good for her i am happy for them i would never be upset about that. But she also has to tell me she set a date for her wedding and its two days before my due date. I am so mad that she is now bringing my son into her little things she is trying to pull. Why would someone want to do that to a child? Should i be mad that she is trying to pull something like this around me right now? Has anyone had the same problem?

Oh another thing my younger cousin her boyfriends sister is now wanting to become pregnant and is heavily on drugs. This was never a problem until my friend move in with the family.

What should i do? Just let her do what is she doing or tell her how i am feeling?

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