So we went to the park today, a really nice park!!  It was great, but then three teenagers showed up.  And they were getting on the little one's toys, and cursing.  I mean, foul, foul language.  My mil and dh were with me and my dd, and I said more than once very loudly, "If you want to go talking like that, go to a mall!  Do not come to a public park where there will obviously be little children, cursing as loud as you can because you think it's makes you "cool".

Needless to say, about the third time I said this, they also heard me say to my dh, "if we don't leave soon, my pregnancy hormones are going to kick in full force and I'm going to go straight to them and give them a lesson on manners and maturity.  I'd knock their 3 pretty little heads together, but then I'd be just like them, a bad example for the babies here."

At that time they screaming words like, "haha c*nt, f*ck, no I have one, Sh!t"  I was going over there and I instead changed my mind and said "oh lets hurry and get Bryanna to the car before she throws a fit not wanting to leave".

So we did.  Grrrrr, five more minutes and I would've went OFF.

What is wrong with this world?  Since when are parents letting their teeny boppers, go to public parks and teach little children cursing?  When did it become the cool thing to do?  Whatever happened to hanging out at the mall?  It made me want to find their parents, and drill their heads on what exactly it is that their teaching their kids when it comes to respect.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 9:25 PM

I had the same thing happen about a week ago, teenagers, with NO respect and very foul language, around my young children and alot of other children. My friend  spoke up and told them to quiet down,  that there were children there, and they get mad, call her a bitch and then left, thank goodness!!!

but I know how you feel!

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 10:23 PM Sadly I don't think it's always about what the parent's are or are not doing.  Kids with parents who are overly strict regarding manners will sometimes act out by being just the opposite when they are away from authority figures.  It would be wonderful to think that our very mannerly toddlers and preschoolers will go on to be just as mannerly teenagers... but the truth is, once they discover they have a mind and a mouth of their own, parents start seeing only the side they want them to see. I think you did the right thing. It's not your place to punish or teach other people's kids but sometimes I think it's just exactly what those kids need!  Someone to let them know "you know? Your parents are here to see you behave this way but if they were they would no doubt be very disappointed in you...and I'm a parent too..that's my little girl...and I'm trying just as hard as your parents tried to teach her right from wrong.  I hope you can respect that.  And while you are it, get off the little kids playground..." or something similar. We have a park we go to in town where the older kids like to use the little playground sometimes, but so far, my children have been exposed to very little immaturity.

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