So my husband and I have found a house!  It took a long time, but we have a place of our own and I am so happy. I get to bring out my own stuff...I get to decide how to decorate and how to set up my kitchen!  We set up the swing set tonight and I'm going to call the township tomorrow to see about setting up our pool.  I have a clothing line and central air!  Oh, and the yard is fenced in!

A few months ago, I told Justin that I really wanted to have another baby, his response was to wait until we needed to wait until we are out on our own (we were staying with my family at the time cause we were having trouble finding a place).  Well, when we found out we were getting this place, naturally I mentioned that I wanted to talk about having another baby.  His response this time was that we needed to wait until he's out of college, which is in 3 years.  I don't want to wait that long because I'll be 30 by then, I'm already considered high risk and the possibility of not being able to get pregnant again scares me (my first husband and I tried for 4 years with no luck).  So I told him he better be happy with the two kids he's got, because if he wants to wait 3 years we will not be having any more kids. 

 I almost died while I was pregnant with Connor, does he forget this?  Or what about the 2.5 weeks of hospital bed rest while I was pregnant with Chloe?  I guess he doesn't remember the strict diet, high doses of insulin and tons of finger sticks with both my pregnancies.  He wants more kids, but I will not risk my life to have them, I just don't feel comfortable waiting until I'm 30 to have more kids.  He really has no reason why he wants to wait, I mean, I'm the one carrying the baby and dealing with all the medical issues...but I love my kids and I love being a mother.  AGH!  I just don't know how to feel.  I'm sure he's just worried about my health.

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