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I am going to try for one full week to abstain from...



Doesn't sound that hard, right?  But if I have an addiction it would be pop, (not soda, I'm not from the mid-west lol!) and especially Coca Cola.  When I was home last week it was all I drank!  This and I can actually drink tap water in colorado vs. here in Gillette where it tastes like shit!!  :)  Today was day one and I didn't have any Coke though there are some ice cold Pepsis in the fridge that are hard to ignore!

Tomorrow will be harder, Tuesday will probably be the do or die day.  I'm all alone all day and I will have to make an effort not to drive to get a fountain drink, to stick with this.  I actually had bread today because my silly husband didn't listen to me when I said I didn't want any bread and made me a sandwich for lunch.  I'll make my own lunch the rest of the week.  Bread shouldn't be too hard I hope.

I am hoping to see some change on the scale, up my water drinkage and not be as tired from dehydration.  Bread?  Well just to find other things to eat since bread isn't that good for you, even wheat.  It will  be interesting to see how I do.

Start weight as of this a.m.: 143.  Goal weight: 135.  Wish me luck!!

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