Oh there's lots! But let's just focus on 3 :D

First; Stupid people...yes, honest to god stupid people just irritate the hell out of me! This includes but is not limited to: people who go off on others and don't have the first clue as to what they talking about, people who think they know everything and know nothing, and also people who pick fights over the internet! WAY TO BE MATURE!!!

Second; I hate rumors and rumor starters. In the Army community you have lots of it, and honestly ladies-it's none of your business!!!! If you were supposed to know, you'd know...otherwise tough it out with everyone else!!!

Third; Liars and Users. This will always be my biggest issue. People tend to lie and use me to the point of breaking. Not lately though, luckily I got up the "huevos" to tell quite a few people that I don't have to put up with that BS, and dropped them like hot potatoes.

So, don't lie, tell stories, or be a total loser and maybe, just maybe, we can be buddies!!! 

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