we just got back a few minutes ago from visiting my parents in mississippi, and i thought that i'd come on and update everything.

 the week was mega fun! we got there on sat. night, and my mom and i got up on sunday and went shopping. my parents are sooo excited! my mom demanded that we buy maternity clothes already!!

monday my mom and i went visiting family, we saw my grandparents, couple of aunts and my great grandmother. everyone was so excited to see me and hear all about the coming baby.

 tuesday morning we went to vicksburg and spent the night in a b&b. it was a lot of fun! we went in the casinos (i lost) and ate in a restaurant that was a converted antebellum home. we just poked around the city for a couple of days, and came home on wednesday.

thursday was our lay around day. we were sooo tired from everything that had been going on. we pretty much lazied around the house, but my husband and dad boiled crawfish, so that was a lot of fun too.

friday was the worst day of the week. i had been spotting for a couple of weeks (just a very little) but i had told my parents and husband, and i admit i was a little worried, so i called my obgyn here and asked what i should do, and they told me to get to the ER fast, so we did. i spent the whole day in the er getting checked out. they checked everything, and there were a few things that they were concerned about, but couldn't really find the reason for the bleeding. i have to go back and have my hormone levels checked on tuesday. i did get to see the ultrasound though!!! there wasn't very much to see cause i'm so early, but you could plainly see the yolk sac!!

but now we're back, we had a lot of fun, but i'm glad to be home so that i can go see my dr and make sure that everything is a-ok!! 


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