I am not a person who is quick to anger normally but I guess they would be:

1)stupid people and yes there are a lot of them in this world but really just the people that lack common sense. Drives me nuts!

2) liars, and we all know one.  We have this woman at work who just can't help herself! We all know one of them too, the ones that open their mouth to talk and you all just roll your eyes and plug your nose cause you know a load of crap is on the way!!!

3) Last but certainly not least is helpless women. No I am sorry you do not need the man that beats you in your life because of the kids. You think its good for your kids to see you get the snot knocked out of you every night just to keep that 4 bedroom house and mommy soccer mobile. I bet that they would rather live in an apartment with no car and be safe with a healthy mom!

Disclaimer: I say number three because I grew up in that home, but his abuse did not stop with my mother, it also came to me, and I am not talking just physical. So I am sorry to offend but one day he will get tired of hitting you and will turn towards a more willing target. I thank God that I had the smarts to recognize those unhealthy traits in men while dating and took the time to find a really good man.

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