I'd like to thank everyone for the advice.  I actually spoke with my mom 2 months ago about her not being able to attend.  She made me promise no matter how sick she was that I would go and marry Dave as she new we were soul mates.  She said she would never forgive me if I stayed by her side as all she needs/wants is my Father to be with her.  I spoke with her again last night and she is looking forward to our return to watch the video and share photos.  I was just feeling a bit down as my Sister was a little harsh with her opinion on the matter.  I totally understand as emotions are running high. She has since apologized and will be attending the wedding.

Again I thank all of who spoke kind and understanding words.  I appreciate it very much!

Jenn  :)

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:09 PM My mother passed away 6 weeks before our wedding.  She too was a strong woman and she told me to "marry that man".   We dedicated a song to her during our service and It made me feel that she was there with us.  YOu may wish to ask you mom what her favorite hymn is and have that as a dedication.  This has to be a very stressfilled time for you and your family,  remember to take good care of yourself too.  My mother was diagnosed with the expectantcy of 2 weeks to 2 months... she lived 10 years.  Doctors cannot predict such things.  They told me 3 different times thru the years that she would never make it.  She did.  When it was time to let her go,  we still were not prepared.  You can not prepare for something like that.  I wish you and your family all good blessings.  Take care and if ya need to talk ,  feel free to contact me.  I do understand what you are going through. 

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