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1.  When I have plans and my OCD anxiety keep me from being able to do them OR when I am having a good day until one OCD thought ruins the day because my anxiety goes through the roof.

2.  When I hear of, see, or know of anyone making fun of special needs children/teens/adults.  For 9 years I taught a Sunday School Class for special needs teens/adults.  One of my Sunday School "kids" ( they were not kids, but they loved it when I called them my kids) worked in the student union at the local college, which I happened to be attending at the time.  My "kid" wanted to have lunch with me one day so when he had his lunch break I met him in the student union.  This idiot at a table where we were said something to me along the lines of "why are you having lunch with a retard, bet he is the only friend you can make".  I looked right in the eyes of this idiot and said, " you wish you could have a friend as good as Ryan".  Then I smiled at Ryan and we found a table to sit and eat.  The look in Ryan's eye was more rewarding than the thank you and hug he gave me.

3.  When Anyone who brags about their sexual encounters, especially when it is a very inappropriate time to do so (like around my daughter!!).

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:41 PM

my brother constantly hitting up my parents for money...that makes me angry!  doing all the housework on my own...that makes me angry and people judging other people when they don't understand mentally or physically what that other person is going through.

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