(I posted this in a group tonight, but I wanted to add it to my journal..........)

Hehehehehe!  My daughter's soccer team needed a coach for their short spring season.  (I grew up playing soccer, and am a huge fan,), so I volunteered.  I am usually the assitant coach, but during this season, I am coaching alone.  And, I was brilliant!!  What I taught those girls today will stay with them for their entire soccer career..............

These are only some of what I taught them about soccer today....

"No, our goal is the other way!  No, the other way!  THE OTHER WAY!!!"

"You can't play soccer with your finger in your nose!  If you trip and fall, you might break your finger!!"

"When the ball crosses the out of bounds line, it time for you to stop dribbliing."

"Yes, that little girl on the other team has a cute ribbon in her hair, and no you can't trade hair ribbons during the middle of the game."

"Cartwheels are cool, but lets try to keep them off the soccer field."

"Yes, I did bring snacks, but you are going to have to wait until AFTER the game, now  go back on the field....."

HAHAHAHAHA!  Little girls' soccer is so flippin' cute!!!



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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:28 PM That's fantastic!!!  You the true "soccor mom"!

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