I just don't know what to do...  It's like he doesn't even care what happens around here. I get the fridge, that he had agreed to pay for ($50), call to tell him it arrived ok. He was buisy and would call back later, wanting to talk the kids.

Still hasn't called. Here it is 9:30 pm and he's still not called. So much for talking to the kids as he said he would.  I think we'll call him before it gets to late. Never mind, my daughter just walked in here and I asked her if she wanted to call her Dad. "Na, not right now. Maybe tommorow." was her reply. I think they're just so used to not being around him or talking to him that often that they don't get offended or upset when he doesn't talk to them. Here lately though, they both had been wanting to talk to him at least once a day. I don't know why today is different... Used to, he'ld never want to talk to the kids, it was a rare occassion when they wante do talk to him on the phone. That was before he asked for the divorce though. Keith did talk to Dale a little earlier though, and they seemed to have a good conversation. He says that his Dad told him he has a girlfriend. Dale, though, told me he didn't have one, laughing about it. So, I don't know. Why would an eight year old lie?

His daughter has tried telling him 3 different times that she got her very first training bra, but hasn't gotten to yet..  His son keeps wanting to know about guitar strings, all he says is that he'll try to get them.  I tell him I'm still packing, all he says is "ok" ...  I feel like all we're doing it bugging him, like it's not important when any of us call. Half the time, he doesn't answer the phone when we do, or call back.  It pisses me off and hurts all at the same time..

I'm almost to the point wheer I"m numb. It's like I'm just ready for this to be over. I love Dale with all my heart, and I never wanted this divorce to happen.   Now that it is, and he says there's no going back, then I want, really NEED, to go forward.... I just never thought that we wouldn't make it... ..


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