Do you NEED EXCELLENT Dental/Health Coverage?

Try AmeriPlan USA!
Based in Plano TX, we have the best providers offering the best Prices!! Why wait for months to get into a dental school!! Use AmeriPlan and go to a dentist within 5 minutes of your home for the same prices!

AmeriPlan USA is the nation's largest company in discount dental plans and we were just featured in MAY 2008 of PARENT Magazine as the best discount coverage in the USA!  Ameriplan USA  was also featured on 60 Minutes for their coverage and Member Satisfaction!  (to see 60 minute clip)

Dental $19.95 a month for entire Household!
They cover Vision, Prescription Drugs and Chiropractic for NO Extra Charge!
Health Plans start as low as $29.95 for an ENTIRE Family!

My contact information:
Erika Beaumont
Regional Health Benefits Specialist
#414-897-7471 8-8 CST

Visit for details about the plans in your area!!

Ask how to get a FREE VACATION with ANY healthcare plan! You can also get the FREE Vacation for one referral!

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Jun. 22, 2008 at 2:28 PM
The tax benefits of having your own home business are great.
I love being able to write off my normal household products.
I love teaching others to do the same....I love saving money!!!
Now, I can say I am truly a frugal shopper!!
This is an easy business.....any one can do it!!!  Oh yeah, and you can also make some money!!
Ask me how!I stay at home and get all these benefits!!!


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