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My ramblings and ravings

So, today we went out looking for the a slide for Beckzilla.  Of course, we hit Walmart, thinking "They have it there."  Um, no.  We did see a swing-set and a plastic pool that we are going to get but no slide.  So, we picked up what we needed there: deodorant for me, cat food for the cat, Stage 1 fruit for Zach, soda for me and Brian and Lemonade and fruit punch for Becky.  We were heading home when Brian got a brilliant idea: Lets go to Benny's.  They have oddball stuff, maybe they will have a small slide.

So we get there and of course, they don't have it.  Well, Brian was going to get Becky something and we had seen sandboxes outside.  They had crab shaped sandboxes (which were huge) and ladybug shaped sandboxes (which were not as huge).  So, after discussing it, we got the ladybug shaped sandbox.  The best thing was that they also had play sand (50lb bags) there for $4.99.  So, we got 4 of those, a pail set and this weird looking tower thing that you put sand into and it makes wheels turn.  Honestly, I think Brian was more excited about the sandbox then

Of course Becky fell asleep on the 5 min car ride home.  That gave Brian enough time to set up the sandbox and eat lunch.  Becky woke up, ate lunch and then we told her Daddy had a surprise for her outside.  When she saw the sandbox, she looked at Brian and said "Oh Tank Choo Daddy" and climbed right in.

I went back in because I had a TON of laundry to do and Zach was in the house alone.  So, after about 1 hour of just sitting on my butt in a hot house, I took Zach and went outside.  It was beautiful.  Becky was enjoying her sandbox and Brian decided to make a squirrel catcher out of a glass cake cover, twine and a metal pole with moldy bread as bait.  He told me that his brother and him used to do it all the time and they caught all sorts of stuff.

So, it was a very, very good day today.  No arguing between me and Brian (which is almost everyday lately) and the kids are feeling alot better.  Zach actually fell asleep at around 630ish and he has stayed asleep.  Last couple of night, he had been getting up because his nose was so stuffed up :(.

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