To my Daughter..My little one, my girl, my everything. I'm your mother and I love you with a love that knows no boundaries. But I do have expectations for you my little girl. I expect for you to try your hardest for the things you want. I expect for you to let me down here and there, but know I love you always. I expect for you to love me when I let you down. I expect for you to forget things, and make mistakes. I expect for you to forgive me when I forget and make mistakes. I expect for you to let me kiss you until you are a women, and then beyond. I expect for you to want to grow from me, but always love me. I expect for you to break my rules, and get mad. I expect for you to be your fathers best friend . I expect for you to be mad at me when I punish you. I expect for you to always think your father is the coolest person in the world. I expect for you to want to be just like your mommy, and then greater. I expect for you to be generous and kind to all that you know. I know this list is lengthy my baby girl, and you can't even read this, but I love you. I only want from you what you want from me.. love. I won't promise you everything, because you're going to have to work for some things in life, but I can promise to always be there until the day I die. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't follow your dreams, not even your daddy or I. Dream big baby girl and follow that heart. Your daddy and I gave you the genes to be a magnificant, smart, and wonderful person. Be great, or don't be, mommy and daddy will always think you are spectacular. We want you to do what YOU think is best for your life, not force our goals upon you. We love you, with every bit of our hearts.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:20 PM

Beautiful.  Thank you for sharing such intimate thoughts.  Tonight, before bed, I'll hold my daughter a bit closer with your words resonating in my heart and soul.  Your daughter is lucky to have you.  Copy and print this comment out and put in behind the words you wrote so that when your daughter is grown, she'll know what an inspiration your love for was for a simple stranger like me. 

A loving mother,


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