Today my hubby and me took my almost 7 month old baby girl to walmart to get her ears pierced and  I got mine done (again) with her. When they did hers 2 ladies did it at the same time to get it done faster and make it somewhat less painfull. Unfortunately one of the guns malfunctioned and the back didnt go on! So one of the ladies tried man handling her already sore ears to get it on-and she could not do it. So another lady tried and couldnt do it either... and the whole time my poor baby was screaming bloody murder and kicking me to try to get away and my hubby and me were getting madder and madder at those idiots for hurting our little girl,so I tried putting the back on and- couldnt get it. So finally the 1st lady tried again and got it at last! I felt so guilty about the whole thing it made me sick to my stomach, I feel like the meanest crappiest mom in the world and still feel like crying over it! The baby is fine... and she even calmed down on the way out and was laughing again when we got outside-she really took it like a champ! I think I'm more tore up about it than she is. I just wish it would've happened to me instead of her. I suck!!!!! And I'm not so sure it was such a good idea. I know she'll be fine and I've heard its better to do it when they're babies- but I feel like "what was I thinking"!!! -any way thanks for letting me rant!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 10:58 PM

With my first daughter (6 months), we had a great experience.  With the second daughter (4 months), I cried so much.  The piercing gun clicked, but wouldnt come out.  It got stuck.  And the girl kept moving it and I was getting pissed because she was causing additional pain.  She then tried to unclick it with her fingers and finally it came out.  I felt so horrible.  She wanted to try again, and I said hell no.  Just give me the back and I will do it myself when I get home so I can numb and put the backing on it.

And same thing with my daughter, we left I gave her a bottle and she was laughing, smiling.  It was a good ending because of her smile.

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