hi just looking for other moms like myself who would like to hang out this summer and on the hot days take the kids to i what i think the park is called woodland mound its off of beechmont ave its one of the Hamilton co parks

but its got a great water area for the kids to play at its fenced in so u dont have to worry about where your kids are because they can only go in and out one way the parents can either play with them like i sometimes like to do or go sit under covered table area to avoid the sun it over looks part of the ohio river it has a concessions and another play area

myself i do not have a car right now but i dont want my kids not to be able to do anything fun this summer because of me so if anyone is willing to drive that would be sooo great i can try to help with gas even but im looking for people close to my area because of how gas is soo expensive right now

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