I called the nurse line today and was told to go back to the ER.  By this morning I was really sick.  When I got to the ER I couldn't even walk straight I was so weak and dizzy.  They did blood and urine tests and I was definately dehydrated.  My liver function is low as well.  I'll have a follow up appt this Monday and also an ultrasound is scheduled.  After getting lots of fluids through IV along with pain and nausea meds, tonight is a much better night.  I was able to eat a little and am getting fluids down.  I'm supposed to keep taking my nausea and pain meds as prescribed to hopefully curb the vomitting. 

The ER doctor believes there is something else going on besides the problems I'm diagnosed with.  He said he wished he could pinpoint it but that at least he could stop the vomitting and help my pain.  The ultrasound Monday is the first test I will endure... after that I don't know.  I just hope we can figure out what the problem is and a plan to fix it.

 Thanks for the well wishes and thoughts everyone.  I'm glad I went in so I didn't get any sicker. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:45 AM has you pain med situation been alleviated, I hope??  I'm sure going thru withdrawl is NOT helping matters any....sadly..when people steal others meds..they could care less how the person they're prescribed for get by....hope you're feeling better honey...bean

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:02 PM I hadn't taken my pain meds in weeks prior to the incident so withdrawal wasn't the problem.  I do have some pain meds now, I just am having trouble keeping anything down.  I felt a ton better after leaving the ER but once again I feel like crap today.  I am having a ton of abdominal pain and am very nauseated.  Took a phenergan and darvocet.  If they don't work I'm going to cry.  I just want them to fix me already and make whatever problem I have go away!

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