1. Intolerance of any kind. I don't understand how some people can think they are better than others based simply on skin color, or sexual preference. Now the gay marriage is an issue, I have read and heard the most idiotic responses to why it should not be allowed, like, what if people wanted to marry their dog or their toaster. OMG how stupid do you have to be to compare the love of 2 human beings with a toaster??  I read a post earlier about someone not watching ABC anymore because a gay couple wanted to be married, then answer in simple, turn of the TV, live in your own world and ignore the real world and it's issues. The same goes for racists, be they black or white. Just stay the hell away from me with your idiotic hate spewing. And the latest thing I heard on that was gays aren't as discriminated against as African-Americans or Hispanics, or Jews. So now it is turning into a game of my life is worse than your because I am a minority and you are just gay.  Oh, I am getting mad I better breathe for a minute!!

2. Bad language skills. I hear people speaking in a language that is completely foreign to me, although they pass it off as English. It seems like kids now are turning in to mini gangster rappers, which is awful, because those guys aren't the best example of how to speak proper English. That is just a quirk of mine, I am constantly correcting my daughter when she picks something up from my nephews or nieces. I just want her to be intelligent and sound intelligent. As I want for everyone, I think they better your vocabulary, the better you will succeed in life. And I will admit I slip up to sometimes, no one is saying I am perfect.

3. Horror movies! They all have the same endings lately, It's like they are carbon copies of one another and quit being actually scary around 10 years ago. I can't remember the last time I watched a horror movie without laughing at how stupid it is. And then, you have a girl in distress, who always manages to lose her shirt and run up stairs instead of out the door!!

Anyhow, there it is.  Sorry if I offended anyone, just offering up my thoughts.

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