we left Tyler and Bean with my mom today and took Justin adn jakey to the grocery store...we got two huge shopping carts FULL of food!!! adn Justin and jakey were SOOOOOOOOO GOOD! we came home and  let all the kids play in the water, i washed the two dogs outside, fed all the animals, we bought a 6 pack of bubbles, for like 2 bux, 4 outside balls for 59cents, and a big bucket of sidewalk chalk for three bux. so thats what we played with all day. i made pea salad, with bow-tie pasta, frozen peas, extra sharp cheddar cheese  and ranch dressing. and we grilled potatoes in tin foil chopped potatoes, onions, carrots celery salt and pepper, and butter, hamb. and hot dogs, it was SO FREAKIN GOOD, then me and hubby chased around the kids in the yard yelling and screaming and playing watching them ride bikes...even jakey on his lil radio flyer trike lol. then we got all the kids to help pick up everything! and it was off to bed at about 9pm. plus i love my husband. yes he does things that irritate me, he sometimes pushes my buttons on purpose just to get me pissy (i guess out of boredom? lol) but when it comes down to it he really is my friend, and someone to lean on when i am down, a shoulder to cry on and always there to pick me up when i fall. he always has my back no matter what. and right now we need each other because of what we are going through with mak. i am really glad he is here with me right now. i love my husband


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:18 PM

I'm glad you had a nice day, it was beautiful out too. Perfect day to be outside.

We walked to the park like 8 or 9 blocks one way and hung out there for a little bit and then had to head back because i didn't bring a bottle of watter and the bathrooms were locked, dammit lol last time they were open and that's the only reason i didn't bring anything to drink.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 8:27 AM Whoo hoo!  Great day to re-charge your spirits!

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