Many of you know that my husband and I have been pursuing full time missions for the last three years.  Recently, God has moved in amazing ways and I just wanted to "testify" to His goodness!

We were denied acceptance three years ago to a mission organization.  We were really baffled because we were pretty sure we were being called to missions.  Our youngest was only two months old and the timing just wasn't right but it still threw us for a loop when we were denied.

I wallowed for a few months, questioning God and my ability to really hear what He was trying to say.  We let it go for a year but signed up for a mission trip to uganda with our church in the meantime.  The really funny thing is that we orginally applied for the long term missions in Zambia, Africa.  But my husband kept saying Uganda which I wouldn't even entertain due to all the strife we hear about in the news.  All I knew was that Uganda was NOT an option. 

Well, funny how God works.  We ended up standing on the red dirt of Uganda less than a year later.  We were involved in a short term evangelistic crusade.  My husband and I decided to stay a few days longer than the rest of our group and during that time we really believed Uganda could be our new home.  A year later, my husband went back again...this last February.  He came home determined that we were supposed to be there and that we should just go as lone rangers if we couldn't find a mission organization to take us. 

About a week before my husband went on the second trip I got an email from someone claiming to work for a mission organization and he wanted to talk about the possibilities of us joining their team and doing long term missions in Uganda of all places!  I cautiously emailed him back questioning how he got my name and email.  It turns out a friend of mine went to a mission lunch and overheard him talking about needing missionaries for Uganda.  She introduced herself and gave him my email address. 

A week after that the president of the mission organization and his wife just happened to be coming to our town because their missionary training facility just happened to be an hour away from us.  They wanted to come to our house and do an informal interview and discuss our vision for missions in Uganda.

So after that fateful meeting we decided to apply to their organization.  But the problems still remained what to do with our house and our business?  We had been building spec homes and had two spec houses  sitting empty on the market.  As we all know the housing market stinks so I was faithless as usual thinking there was no way that both houses would sell and our personal home too in time for us to go to the training in August.  Well, both houses sold in one week!  And we have two full price offers on our personal home which should close in August, JUST IN TIME FOR US TO GO TO TRAINING! 

So those two hurdles were cleared but there still remained the ordeal of telling my husband's parents our plans.  They are not favorable to us living so far away from them now and we were gearing ourselves up for a real battle.  My small group prayed for their hearts to be open to the mission but I didn't really expect anything but problems.  Well, my husband finally tells them and his dad's response was amazing!  He told my husband how proud he was of him and and that he supported us.  This was only the hand of God!  His mom was the next issue but she too was sad but accepting which is all I can really ask for.  God showed me over and over the past few years that He is loving and sovereign and AMAZING!

So now we are in the transition phase.  We are waiting for our house to close.  We are waiting for our passports to arrive.  We are waiting to get all our funding in place.  But WEARE GOING!  To the other side of the world!  I cannot believe how every detail works together to form God's plan! 

I will keep updates going on our progress but the future looks like this:  We move to Libby Montana in August and live with other missionaries on a compound until Janurary.  After we are fully funded we officially move to Entebbe Uganda...the very place I never wanted to go! 

This mission IS possible and I stand in awe and increased faith at the powerful workings of God in our lives!

For any of you praying girls, please pray for us!  Our daughter has health issues that make it a little scary to take her to a third world country.  Our kids adjusting in general is a concern.  So pray pray pray and thank you for standing with us!

*If anyone wants to hear more about our first trip, I posted a journal last year about it with pictures. 

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:45 PM My family and I will be praying for your family. I believe there should be more people like you in this world. God bless.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:54 PM This post just makes me smile.  My heart is right there with you!   One day I'll be in the same place you are today - one day....  =)

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:13 PM So glad your prayers are  being answered!!

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