I painted this right before Chloe was born. She was on her way that week. I had everything ready and all I could do is just pass the time. So what did I do? I painted a masterpiece. I love to paint and isn't it sad what we take for granted before we have children? I have been through so much with my first that I need this background to remind me of were we came from. I am looking forward to the painting of where we are heading. I hope somewhere tropical!

This is something I find unresolved as well. I love the ocean and the beach but I am so nevrous in the water. I guess I am just a washed up seacraby. NOT!! I am very much just not a water person BUT I like to be next to the ocean.K. Hopefully, when I am older I will want to take the plunge into the ocean. I have before. I have done some great ocean snorkeling and still I struggle. OH man! that was fun, and there were no sharks. My fear is sharks, so when I was in the WATER I was in fear. I was in the sea of cortez at that time and it was the best thing in so many ways.

I will complete this story in my next journal.

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