I have created this group Scandalous-The Badd Girls Club (and this profile will act as the GO of that club) because I feel that all the so called badd girls need a place to feel welcome.  To come in and just chill with people like themselves, to vent about daily BS with others that will share the same feelings about their problems/issues.  Or at any rate be more understanding and less judgemental about their situations or decisions.  Who really cares if they bottle feed rather than breast?  I DON"T!!  Who gives a sheet if they co-habitate rather than have a piece of paper to show that they are  married?  I DON"T!!  To me, it doesn't matter!  Would I put anyone down for their decisions--NO!!  Obviously, we are all adult women on this site and mothers---And all of us have to live with decisions we made in our own lives on a daily basis--wether it was the right decision in someone elses mind or not--it is what we chose at that time for whatever reasons. 


Why is it that even in some of the most popular groups there are women who feel the need to act all holyier than thou?  In an all out effort to start drama in a non drama group.  And I'm not trying to kid anyone-I love me some drama!!♥  I come on the cafe for fun.  A break between dishes and laundry, mowing and vaccumning---an escape from the reality of my daily humdrum SAHM life.  So what!!  I'm sure there are more out there than me that look forward to a good read on the cafe.  I'm sure there are more than me that love it when the sheet gets hot in these groups.  It's freakin hilarious and way better than a soap opera!! 


So, that is what I hope Scandalous to become---not just a drama group but a close knit group where the members don't feel like they have to watch their mouth, worry about offending the Martha types, say exactly what they think, vent a bit, bring in some stupid stuff that you find out there on the cafe, bring in stuff you are happy about---I guess I am looking for some big badass girls who can hang without getting all whiney and pissy.  So, if you have been booted and blocked from the rainbows and butterfly type groups or have been belittled for having an opinion AND stating it----maybe Scandalous is your ticket to verbal freedom! 

So, watch for it!  Scandalous-The Badd Girls Club 

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