So our stupid satellite has been acting screwy for a couple of weeks now and then today we completely lost signal on several of the channels. I called and went though all the little steps to try and correct the problem and when nothing worked I finally talked to an actual person.  We went through the whole spiel; no new work done on the house, nothing blocking the satellite, and the weather was just slightly overcast.  When she asked if I was sure the weather wasnt the problem I told her I hope to hell that wasn't the problem, because that pretty crappy if just a few clouds can cause us to completely loose signal.  So anyway we finally get around to scheduling to have a technician come out, and it going to take a WEEK!  And then they want to charge us 50 bucks for it!  I was floored. 

My hubby gets on the phone and starts in with the fact that we are now being charged for a service that we cant even use, and then they are going to charge us to fix it.  He asks her if it would make sense if you are renting a house and loose the key so you cant get into your house and the landlord is going to charge 50 bucks to get a new key. 

So anyway they are going to come out this friday instead of next monday and they aren't going to charge us; at least not for the service call. I'm sure they will find something to charge us for.

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:28 PM junky! it seems like all cable/satellite/cell phone company tries to nickle and dime their customers. i swear if just one honest company would open up the rest would have to follow suit or go out of business.

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Jun. 25, 2008 at 5:52 PM

we had dish several years back when lived in CA. The signal was lost because of rain and rep told us just to wait for rain to stop to be able to watch tv. Well, since it was a middle of February in CA - we were to have constant rains probably until April-May, Boy, was the rep surprized when I told her that. 

Next time you have an issue with them - ask directly for sup or manager and tell them you'll terminate contract because they breached the terms. It worked for us - we got 3 month free PPV. Good Luck!

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