Someone...I won't mention any :-D has been talking about decluttering so much that I finally got in the mood to get started. Yay! Actually thanks for mentioning decluttering because I really need to be doing it.

I started with a bookshelf that is in my office closet because I took down the closet doors to replace them with a curtain (and use them for desks) and it so needs to be neatened (is that a word?) up.

I have a small pile of books. I found a lot of stuff from when the boys were little including pics from daycare, baby books, baby footprints, etc. There's a whole expandable folder with important military/VA paperwork (the government sure does LOVE paperwork) and 3 files with my husband's old immigration paperwork (again the government LOVES paperwork). I gave the boys a bunch of bubble wrap to keep them occupied at least for a little while.

Lastly I found my old baseball card collection. I used to be a huge baseball fan when I was little. My dad tried out for the Red Sox (I think before we were born or right after) and I played little league for 3 years. Anyway, the strike totally turned me off baseball for a long time. Now I only watch a game every now and then. So I decided to sell them. Almost all of them are from the 1980s. I do have one 1958 and a couple 1969. Most are not worth much, but I have a couple so far that could bring in a bit. I still need to go through them.

I'm hoping to go through the rest of the closet and move on from there whenever I get a chance, though I have to go through my youngest's room before he gets out of school on Thursday or he'll never let me get rid of all the papers!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:45 PM That's great!! Can you point me in the direction to the motivater? LOL

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