I just want to scream! cause of my bf play video games! makes me so mad. I work full time come home cook and clean and take of our son, well he comes home sits on his butt and plays gutiar hero thats its. and he has people come over to play it with him, i hate it so much!

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Jun. 1, 2008 at 11:49 PM I here you!! my HD got us a Wii for mother's day-cause I work soo hard!! HA today I did the outside yardwork and HE stayed in the house with our 2year old DS and Boxed & bowled. It has gotten better but only after a breakdown on my part and some major talking about our life. I work more than full time and still do most of the things around the house. I did concede and hire someone to do the flower beds and tree trimming. Just keep talking and good luck.

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