Question: I think the biggest detriment during Earthquakes, Tornados, Tsunami's, etc, is that....


People don't know enough about what is going on to be of any help

No one ever has enough supplies to handle the chaos

So many people get Post Traumatic Stress that no one knows what to do

The Government is just as unprepared and unknowledgeable as the common Folk

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6/1/2008: A few weeks back I posted about the 3 tornados that touched down not to far from our home in the Inland Empire, So. California.  It was wild!  I was watching the news media interviewing the people that had video'd or taken pictures or driven by and I had to write about it. The tornados were along the 215 freeway, it was reported, at the same time the traffic on the freeway was bumper to bumper in most places.  There was also a very long train parallel to the freeway. Can you believe that a few of those people took videos (camera)or phone pix, while being so close they could practically look up into the eye of the tornado? Not one of the interviewers was warning them not to do that, they were just happy they had the film! One Woman took video as Nine train cars were lifted COMPLETELY OFF the track and turned over!  (They weigh 22-32 TONS)!  Had the tornado jumped onto the very close Freeway-all the vehicles in it's way would have surely been tossed! The people that talked on TV looked as if they were still mesmerized! Eyes staring, blank kind of looks-I have Never witnessed such an event in our Area! If this is a portent of what our weather is going to be like in the future-Our people have to come to their senses and know they AREN'T Supermen/women-and need to respect the strong weather changes that are taking place.  You know what is kinda scarey? It reminded me of watching a movie! Where the people are just standing around in irreality and something whizzes by and smashes into them-this event was just as totally irreal! Has anything happened like that in your life? Take the poll below please and explain if you can!

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