Tomorrow is the big day!  The real estate lady will be here tomorrow to put the house up for sale, so tomorrow is our last day to "finish" things up.  After conner goes to bed i'm going to finish painting but until then it's clean clean clean!  I'm getting excited.  I know the market is down right now, i just hope we sell our house.  We finished painting the outside and putting down mulch and planting flowers.  Got to have the curb appeal or noone will want to come inside!  Well, i'm back off to cleaning just wanted to share in my exciting news!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:48 AM But lots of people are buying right now because prices are lower!! So, make sure you price it right and it should sell!  You will not get top dollar for anything right now.  Be on the low end of comparable places already on the market and you'll get alot of lookers.  If you try to hold out for more money, you'll end up sitting right where you are for a long time.  You could even offer something back to a buyer such as you will pay for closing, or $1000 back at closing or something like that.  Makes people think they are getting something extra and may not negotiate quite as hard on the selling price.  Just an idea.  Good luck!!

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