Okay so we have had a very busy weekend looking at house and we haven't got anything else done.  So today i ewent  to the mall, sams, and Giant Eagle -at about 6:00 so it was pretty warm out.  When we got home Jake was sleeping in his car seat so I let him sleep and I let Quentin out of his seat and let him play in the car- he loves to pretend he is driving and press the radio buttons- and I always have the car off.  So I was taking the bags in to the garage which is so much easier than leaving both kids in the house by themselves while I run up and down to bring in the groceries.  i grabbed out 3 or 4 bags and walked into the garage and set them down  when i heard the door to the envoy shut!!  Quentin had pulled the door shut and he thought it was so funny - at first I really wasn't concered and I walked over to the car and tried to open the door AND IT WAS LOCKED!!  he hit the lock button and my purse was on the floor next to the 2 bags of groceries that were left in teh car with the key in them!!   My husband has a spare set  but he wouldof taken at least 45 min. to get here from work and I didn't know what to do.  I kept telling Quentin to push the button to unlock the door - but he couldn't figyre out how to push it the other way to unlock - he just kept hitting it to lock it!  I was so upset Jake by this time was crying, Quentin realized he was stuck so he kept saying let me out, and 5 or 6 of my neighbors were trying to help me.  We called the police and they did open the door- but it took them about 15 mins. to get to our house and another 10 mins to open the door. I was(and am)so shook up by the time they got out they were both so hot and sweaty and I feel horrible.

I am so glad they are okay but I Just feel horrible!  I will NEVER leave them in the car again



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:57 AM Don't beat yourself up over this! I know it's a shocker right now, but there a difference between you and the nitwit parents who do it on purpose. Last year when I was pregnant with Landon I accidentally closed the door to go down the stairs to get the mail and I came back up not knowing it was locked. It took my husband a good 30 minutes to get home. We were both crying. All I could do was put my fingers under the door and he held them, and we were both in tears. I'm so glad they were able to act quickly and get them out!

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