I posted something earlier about the father of my child. I was saying I wanted him to leave. He attacked my sister and her boyfriend tonight. He choked my sister, choked Bryan, bit both of them so badly my sister needs stitches but won't get any. My sister and I both were beating the shit out of him and then my sister grabbed a frying pan and hit him repeatedly on the head with it. It is now all dented up. OMG I cannot believe he did that. He got pissed off and threw MY phone in anger and Bryan ( sister's b/f) went out to the living room and was like" dude, what are you doing. whatever you are breaking, do it outside. don't fuck up this house" and so then Nathan ( baby's father) told Bryan "fuck you" and so then Bryan said " fuck you" and then Nate charged him, choked him, beat his head against the hardwood floors, had Bryan AND my sister both in a chokehold on the floor- I think my sister's thumb is broken it is so swollen but she refused treatment when the paramedics came. They took Nate to the hospital. I don't know what his injuries are. I hope they are severe. And get this- apparently we still can't kick Nate out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cops said this is his residence since he has been here more than a week and his things are here, and in order for him to leave the man who owns the house my sister rents has to get an eviction notice for Nate. Until then, the cops said we have to put up with him, even if he continues to beat everyone up in this house. I am not lying. What a load of bullshit. So- we just have to be in fear of our lives and I have to fear for my daughter's safety until then? Fuck no. I went with one of the cops tonight to try and get a restraining order but I have to go back in the morning to the courthouse to see the judge and hopefully they will give me one. If not, I don't know what I will do. There is no way I will sleep tonight for fear he will come in the middle of the night. I have already packed all of his things up and they are waiting for him by the door. He has no money and no where else to stay but fuck him- I don't care. For him to attack my sister like that and choke her and all that....he is no man. He is less than the lowest man. I will do whatever it takes to keep him away from my child. I am not a religious person, but please, someone, send me some good thoughts....

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:44 AM

Unfortunately it sounds right.  I remember my friend, she rents this house under her name, but moved out and let her son and his GF stay there.  I guess my friend and her sons GF had a fall out and she had to request a letter from the owner giving a 3 day notice for the GF to leave the house since her name wasnt on the lease.

That is just horrible; change the locks and leave his stuff out there. Hopefully they do get the restraining order fast.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:50 AM

i'm 56.. lived that type of so called relationship and alomost died.. get out now! You can give a thousand reasons how you cab't just now, but it's just EXCUSES!!! Go to a BATTERED WOMAN'S SHELTER!!! tHEY ARE AVAILABLE  EVERYWHERE1 Call the cops and ask for the unit that can assit you with that NOW!!!! A man who ever shows violence once will always do it again, it is his personal demon , you or anyone else is not his whipping post. Like the song says, What's Love Got to Do With It??? That's not love, just possible death for any of you!!! ONLY YOU cana take the appropiate action NOW, NOT IN THE AM, LATER ON.. GET OUT NOW!!! pROTECTIVE orders are no good, YOU have to take responsibility for your safety now. !! Please do it, God sent your story to me, use your head, and get out now.. It IS that simple. If not, then it's in your hands , the consequences. God be with you and give you the strength, not to stay there, your anger will not protect you, being smart will. B-52'sBonnye O.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:04 AM

OMG I can't believe that you can't kick him out!! Go to your landlord and explain the situation, get the restraining order, and like Bonnye said change the locks!! NO ONE should EVER have to live like that EVER!!! You and Emily are in my thoughts and prayers right now. I am also praying for your sister and her boyfriend that they are both ok. I refuse to pray for Nate (your ex bf) because he deserves whatever he received.

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Jun. 12, 2008 at 10:57 AM Hey I live in Charlotte, How about I come over there and beat the shit outta him!! No man should act like that! I dealt with that shit once upon a time but never again! I don't play no games so if you need help give me a call. You can pm me for my number if you ever wanna talk. I live right by UNC Charlotte.

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