I have so much to do but the only problem is I don't have a date to have it all done by so I just let it all sit. I am by far the worst procrastinator as it is and then to have like 3 different things all hinging on one thing is making it that much worse. I don't want to do anything until this one thing happens so that I don't get my hopes up to have them shot down (again). But at the same time, I need to do a few things regardless so why don't I start now? Ugh...I am so stupid sometimes. Time is ticking away and I feel like I am getting lazier. I know I need to do things around the house because we are going to be moving soon but I don't feel like going through all of the crap in the garage and inside of all of the closets to get rid of stuff. Why? Because we didn't throw things away when we moved here so we have years and years worth of crap that we don't want/need. But I can't just throw it all away without looking at it all because there may be something that I need like important papers and pictures. It's like a vicious circle! So I guess starting tomorrow after work, I am going to start, a little at a time, to go through the closets. I am going to save the garage for the weekend. I have a habit of trying to do too much. I just remembered I agreed to be the decorations point of contact/coordinator for my daughter's 6th grade promotion. What was I thinking? I know.... nobody else was going to do it. I felt bad for the one lady that was being forced to be in charge of both food and decorations so I thought I would be nice and help her out so she doesn't lose her mind over this. I mean, I'm sure she wants to enjoy the day with her son just as I want to enjoy the day with my daughter. Anyway, I didn't volunteer to be in charge because I work 10 hour days and it is hard for me to fit in things like this (I mean as far as planning things and putting things together). I don't have much time during the day to track down decorations and plan things out. When I was still a SAHM it was different. Even though I had one daughter in school and one not, I found a way to help out for things like this because I was home and I had the time. A lot of the women who volunteered to help with the promotion are SAHMs so I hoped that one of them would have volunteered to be in charge but I was wrong. But all I can do is the best I can. If anyone has an issue then I guess I can always say "You could have been the one to make the decisions but you didn't want to so I guess you have to deal with what was decided". I want this special day to be awesome for my daughter but I can't kill myself while others sit and wait to be told what to do. But that is just my opinion. I'm a little frustrated with the whole thing. The promotion is on the 11th and I'm going to do my best. That's all I can do. I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did but having been the SAHM and now the working mom, it kind of frustrates me when there are moms that I know have two kids in school and are SAHMs that are home most of the day and that have the time to do this won't do it.
I guess I'm done. I just needed to get that out. Like I said, sorry if I offended anyone. That wasn't my intention.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:49 AM

I know exactly how you feel.  I am a procrastinator too.    I never, ever do things until the last minute.   But, somehow, I usually manage to pull it all off.  I guess maybe we both work best under pressure?

 Give yourself a break.   We all need a breather sometimes.

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