Do you know anyone that has the same name as you? Yes..True story...I met a girl who has the same name as me...and we were born on the same day! LOL How crazy is that.

Do you like your Name? Yes I do! I can't imagen having any other name...although when I was about 12 or 13 I wanted to be called Connie, (that is my middle name.) But then I thought about it and relieved Harmony was a much cooler name. LOL

What is your Middle Name? I think that I just answered that question...Hmmm Yeah well in case you missed it...Connie. Actually Constance it was my Grandma's name she went by Connie.


Movie: Hmm that is a tough one...I like many movies...Lets see I guess my all time favorite movie has to be Fools Rush In!

Ice Cream: Cookies and cream.

Flower: Yellow Rose

Soft Drink: Iced Tea Or Diet Dr. Pepper.

Color: PINK!

Food: Mexican

Pizza: Pizza Hut Pan Pizza with Pineapple, sasauge, and Bell Peppers.

Cartoon: Flintsons

Cookie: White chocolate Macodamion

Dog: German Shephard

Cat: Yeah I am not really a cat person.


What was the last thing that you ate: Some Type of chicken...Oh wait I had a brownie!

Last time you were Happy: I am always Happy! I am just a big ball of sunshine! LOL

Who was the last person that you talked on the phone with: My brother

What was the last thing you drank: Water!

When was the last time you got drunk: It's been a while! And it's going to stay that way.

Who was the last person you said I LOVE YOU too: My Daughter

Who was the last person you Kissed: My daughter

Who was the last person that you hugged: My daughter

Who was the last person that drove you nuts or made you mad: I'll give you 3 guesses but you'll proubly only need one! LOL

What was the last TV Show that you watched: Hmm I don't remember to be honest! It was something that I watched yesterday because I haven't watched TV today!

Who was the last person to Text message you: Melanie

When was the last time you went to Church: This Morning! I am always at church for one thing or's become my home away from home...LOL!

When was the last time you read the bible: This afternoon about 5 hours ago maybe!

What was the last thing that you bought: Dog Food

Crazy Fun!

Did you go to college: Yes

Who was your first crush: Ha ha ha! Paul....Wait no their was Nick...Yeah Nick was my first crush.

Have you ever been in a fight: What type of fight...Fist, Hmmm I don't think pulling yes, screaming yes!

Who was your best friend in 1st Grade: Lindsay and we are still friends....I still talk to her...

When did you learn to ride a bike: I think I was about 6 or 7 I don't remember.

What was the best christmas gift you ever recieved: Tinker Toys! LOL those thing ROCK!


How Many Boyfriends/Girlfriends have you had: Since when? Since I was allowed to date as a teenager or since adulthood? Teenage (high school) Too many to count! Ha ha ha...I am kdding, it was like 5...Since adulthood..Serious Relationship

What eye color do you like in a guy/girl: Dosen't matter

What Color Hair: Dosen't matter...Natural Green or purple, or blue...I am talking Brown, blonde...dirty blonde... maybe red I haven't met too many guys with Red hair that I thought were cute.

Younger or older then you: Preferably Older...the younger ones have too much craziness!

Tall or Short: I prefer taller then me...

Color of Skin: Thats a little bold to put that question out there....Dosen't matter too me...

Color of Eyes: What the? Wasn't this question already asked?...Hmmm I think it was....Yeah it was about 5 Questions ago.


Have you ever been skinny dipping: Yes

Have you ever jumped off a cliff into water: Yes

Have you ever ran a marathon: Everyday...I am mom...I gotta keep up with my 6 year old.

Have you ever been in Love: Yes

Have you ever gave birth: 6 years and 4 months ago!

Do you take pictures of yourself driving: No

Have you ever been in a car accident: Yes

Most missed Memory: My Grammy....and everything about her!

Hardest thing you ever had to do: Go to my Grandma's funeral!

When I say "JOE" what do you think of: Joe...Joe...Joe....Joe...I am thinking. I have 2 cousins name Joe...Yeah thats about it!

What color underwear do you have on right now: What the?!?! That Private Info I don't just let anyone know that info...

Do you shower everyday: Sometimes more then once a day...depends?

Do you like bubble baths: No not really. On one condition...My aunts tub! It's cool and she mixes the right beads, salts, bubbles, whatever she does she knows how to mix them...

The worst pain you've ever experinced: Having my heart broken, but I guess thats not the answer you're looking for. Actual physical pain? When I got sick with a blood born virus (MRSA) Oh yeah then there was child birth, but I didn't experince that pain for too long I had a epideral. So I was good after that!

What did you want to be when you were growing up: My dreams changed alot, In 5th through 7th Grade I wanted to be a Figure skater! Serious... stop laughing! Then I wanted to be a teacher. Then I wanted to be an interior designed, then I wanted to be an actor. Then I wanted to be a make up artist....then I wanted to be high school guidance counsoler. theres more...You can stop laughing about the figure skating!

Do you have any tattoos; If so how many: Yes one On my back (shoulder) a Rose there is meaning behind it!

Do you want any more tattoos: I don't know?

Do you have any piercings; if so how many: Yes...2 holes in each ear...I am done with the piercings...

Do you get along with your parents: Yes.

If you could go back in time where would you go: Any place or time I spent with my grammy!

When was the last time you cried: Today!

Was it a happy or sad cry: little of both! actually more fustration then Sad! But I cried a happy cry too!

When was the last time you peed: What the? Who would want to know that...other then my doctor? and I am not sure she'd really want to know that either.

One place in the world that you would like to vist: England!


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