This has been an awesome weekend - such a shame it is already coming to a close. Over the course of the weekend we had 31 visitors. It has been so much fun! On both Friday and Saturday night we had friends over - Saturday we cooked out and on Sunday we had a fish fry.

    We all visited while the kids played. Today, we all participated in a water fight_ kids and adults alike! It was hilarious. This time of the year is festive indeed.

    What's best of all is spending time with friends. It was so nice having everyone over. As our kids grow up together the memories continue to build. Bryan and I can't express how much we appreciate and value our friendships.

   Anyway, we had an awesome weekend!!! I'm looking forward to this summer - I sense that we will be having lots of fun.



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:07 AM YOu are a goof ball! How was the fish? I really wish that we would have been abel to go over! If SHerman was not deathly allergic, We would have been then there!

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