This happend a few hours ago LOL I'm just now getting around to telling about it. Been busy since I been home.

Anyway....I got off work later than usual cause we were SOOOO FRACKIN BUSY!! OMG it was HORRIBLE I wanted to cry and the customers...OMG....I was ready to CHOKE THEM ALL!!!!

But I finally get home, and hubby said he and Kami would meet me outside (like they always do when the weather is nice.)  I guess they had been sitting on the front porch, before I got home, and some guy ran across the street (from a few houses down) and was POUNDING on the guys door across the street yelling for HELP.  Hubby goes "what's wrong sir??"  The guy goes "CALL 911 I need a phone NOW!"  So hubby being the good citizen he is runs inside grabs the cell phone and calls 911.  Comes back out and the guy is gone.  So Hubby is stand there talking to the cops on the phone clueless...

The guy shows back up and take the cell phone.  And from what hubby says rattles off a whole bunch of stuff and give the phone back to hubby who is confused.

I get home about this time...CLUELESS as to what is going on.  I go to parallel park on our street, and the dude SERIOUSLY almost got ran over!! He was just WHAM right behind my car!! I SWEAR I really did almost HIT HIM!! I almost backed over him!! SO GLAD I was watching!! It was so scarey!!

I mean the guy was really acting strange.  I see him take off down the street again.  I'm still not fully parked and I see hubby on the cell phone, I roll down my window and ask WTH is going on?? He's carrying Kami who looks sooo confused (but happy to see mommy LOL)  So hubby is trying to hand me Kami through the window (HELLO NOT FULLY PARKED YET!!)  I told hubby GO SIT on the porch till I get parked.  So I finish parking. 

I get out of the car and hear hubby talking to the police on the phone.  I ask what the h*ll is going on?  Hubby kinda fills me in and I take Kami. 

Down the street I see flashing lights.  The police are coming.  Kami looks at me all confused and goes "what?"   I look at her and go "what exactly baby girl! I'm just as confused as you!"  LOL  Hubby takes off down the street....I stand here on the side walk holding Kami, and I slowly follow hubby down the street.  He stops like 4 houses down (at a known alcoholics house).  The door is open and there are two guys sitting on the floor.  And a very confused dog who is looking like what the heck is going on??  At about this time the police officer walks up says hello mam to Kami and I, and asks hubby what's going on.  The police officer walks up the steps to the front door and one guy gets up to take off.  (Kami and I were standing quite aways away from all this but could still see clearly I wasn't about to get too close HECK NO!!) 

The officer gets the guy to stop leaving, and they are talking.  One guy is SERIOUSLY OBVIOUSLY DRUNK (you can tell he's sh*t and P*ssed himself)   And I'm assuming the other guy is drunk too (he used to live a few houses down from us on our OLD street and was always drunk).

So I just go home cause by this time I know the story.  LOL Hubby stays just incase they need info from him since he's the one who called 911.  I take Kami home change her diaper, I change my clothes, and Kami and I poke our noses out the door again and see 3 more officers showing up, and Hubby standing on the side walk watching everything, and staying out of the way but unsure if he can leave or not.  We don't venture down to talk to him or get a better look (I thought it MUCH safer to go inside again!) 

So I go inside and put Kami to bed, and lock the door, and shut the blinds and keep the cell phone near just in case something happens. 

Hubby comes home...

APPARENTLY the two friends....always drink together.  One OBVIOUSLY got crap faced and lost all bodily function (poo'd pee'd on himself)  and he was NOT all there AT ALL mentally hubby said.  The dude was beating his dog infront of the cops.

Hubby said that APPARENTLY the drunkest guy wanted to fight or "spar" with the other guy, and a knife had been brought out.  I don't think anyone got hurt, but the other guy who wasn't QUITE as drunk is the one who went running down the street for help cause he was afraid the other guy would hurt him. 

Hubby said that when the police said he could leave, that a total of 5 cops were there, and there was a LOT of alcohol around the house, and he was pretty sure they were going to arrest both guys. 

I hate this town.

We always had drama on our old street too, and SOMEHOW we always got involved in it!! They'd either come to use OUR phone, or it would happen infront of OUR house, or SOMETHING!! Right after we moved to this town in 2003 there was a DRUG BUST in front of our house!! Hubby were sitting on the front porch when it happend!! One guy even took off running across our front yard like 3 feet away from us!! I was TERRIFIED!!

Hubby and I seriuosly do nothing wrong.  We are THE MOST "boring" people you will EVER MEET.  Our idea of EXCITEMENT is watching a movie at home and eating pop corn and drinking a soda.  We don't drink, smoke, or do drugs.  We know plenty of people WHO DO and that's there choice.  We don't judge them (cept if they go to neglecting their children THEN I have a MAJOR issue!!) 

I don't understand how drama always lands on our laps!! It's annoying. 

I just want to live a quiet exisistence and be ignored and forgotten by most people.  But NOOOOOOOO

So tonight was quite...'exciting' I guess. 

Kami didn't know what to think of all the "pretty lights" She kept looking at the lights, then at me and going "ahh" and looking soooo confused.  Poor Kami. 

Now HOPEFULLY the guy who got royally crap faced will not remember who was asked to call 911 and bug us.  THAT would suck.


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:29 AM wow...

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:40 AM yeh...nice night huh...

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