My good friends Tiff and Butch went with me to watch Sex and the City tonight.  We went to the 10:05 showing and I just returned home. And I must say, there aren't too many guys that will watch a chick flick about four women searching for love with you.  But, Butch isn't your average guy, he's open minded and doesn't just cross something off, just b/c there isn't violence, gore, and action in it. He's my best guy friend and one I hope will never change.

Tiff is one of my good girl friends. I enjoy hanging out with her; she's not afraid to let her hair down.  She isn't afraid of what someone else will think of her for being herself.  I'm working on having the same attitude.  After all, life is much easier when you aren't worried about everyone elses opinion of you. Anymore, I'm starting to think of her as another sister in my life.  One that I never want to grow distant from or be without.

Now, as for the movie, it was fabulous.  Ten times better then the series.  I feel that those who didn't care for the series would even enjoy the movie.  It has everything to do with romance, love and all the emotions a woman goes through as well as the majority of a woman's thoughts in certain situations.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:41 AM Sounds like you had a really good time! Arent friends great????

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