I have had so much trouble with this dog. I have made post after post asking for ideas. First he was attacking my neighbor's kids, then he was attacking their dog. I put 4 ads out for him, and of course I had to say he is a vicious dog, so no one responded.. or people responded wanting to know if he would be good with a 5 year old... umm.. no! Now I have taken to keeping him outside all day, on a tether since he won't quit attacking people, and letting him sleep inside.Twice now, he has peed on my son's toys. The toys we pay good money for... in my son's playroom. He had only been in since 11p and this happened at 12.30... I know it's not too much for me to expect the dog to sleep inside all night without peeing. He's not a puppy. I have called shelters, people I know, and even thought of having him euthanized with all the aggression problems.. no one seemed to like that idea. I put him in the basement sometimes, when it's raining and i have to leave, but he doesn't seem to think he needs to hold it down there either. My house is starting to reek like dog pee. And I rent from my MIL. I mop the basement everyday, I have had to steamclean the carpets. I am so at my wit's end with this dog. Tonight after he peed on yet another baby toy, I just took him back outside. I don't know what else to do with him.. I honestly hate this dog. I get so mad at him I seriously think I could kill him with my own bare hands sometimes... not literally, since he is a great dane/boxer/pitbull/mutt... I just get so mad, and I am just stuck with this dog. My mom has issues with dog pee in her house. Her house stinks so bad because she has let her dog pee in it for years. I refuse to live like that. So the dog is living outside. I am buying him a dog house, but I feel so bad because he is terrified of storms... but if he gets scared enough, he'll get in it. What a life though... I can't keep him like this forever, and I'm not even sure what my MIL will think of me having a dog tied up in the yard. I'm so sick of him! Obedience classes aren't an option for this dog. He has bitten one too many people for me to ever trust him with my son, I just don't know what to do. I'm sick of always worrying he's going to get away and bite someone... ahhh!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:20 AM I think if the dog has bitten a child, you need to take it to the humane society. It can go to doggy "jail" and be retrained and rehabilitated with prison inmates. Don't keep this dog if you think it would possible bite your child!

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 11:01 AM

Sorry to hear about your dog problems.  Has your pet been neutered?  This will solve most marking issues.  Also crating him inside for short periods of time will prevent him from urinating inside your home.  Once you let him out of the crate you must leash him and walk him outside to train him on where you want him to relieve himself.   An aggressive dog is a huge risk factor where children are involved.  You definitely need professional advice on this issue.  Chaining the dog will make him feel vulnerable and neglected  as will isolation in a basement area.   Personally, I feel if he has already bitten a child or another pet he is a definite candidate for a humane euthanization.  Best of luck to you on your pet dilemma.

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