First Name:  Nichole
Nickname:  Colie
Age:  24
Location:  Ivins, Utah
Status:  It's complicated, but Single is the best way to describe it.
DOB: March 14 1984
Birthplace:   Murray, Utah
Hair color:  I am going to guess and say that it's a light brown
Eye color:  Blue
Zodiac sign:  Pieces
Hobbies: Reading, starting my business, playing with my kid and dogs, teaching my Bento classes
Where did you go to school:  Everywhere
What's your fave thing about being a mom:  EVERYTHING!!
Least favorite:  Lack of sleep?
Last movie you saw in the theater:  Can't remember!!
When kids are napping, what do you do:  Stuff for work, laundry, preparing things for lunch/dinner for that week.

Have siblings?  3- two sisters and one brother
Have piercings?  Not anymore
Have tattoos?  Three

Color:  Anything earth-toned
Artist:  Too many to list!
Song:  Too many to list!
Book:  Geek Love, The Twentieth Wife, and Frommer's Southern Utah
Movie: Fight club, but mostly any type of documentary
Quote: "If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, the possibility of life is destroyed -Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace"
Food:  Indian, despite the fact that I suffer horrible heartburn from it.
Season: Fall
Place:  India, Africa, Ireland and Alaska

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