This weekend was horrid.

First off, Peyton and I were going to go and stay at my sister's for Amity's birthday (6 years old is pretty important!), so I decided that I would pay sixty dollars and take them to see Hollywood High's show, Fame. Peyton only made it halfway thru the first song before crying. I stayed in the lobby with her until intermission, which is where the others decided that they were done. What a waste of money- I wish that they would have stayed a little longer. Oh well, what to do?

Stayed the night at Casey's. Peyton and I didn't fit on the couch, so we slept on blankets piled on the floor. Peyton woke up about four times in the night, and when we woke up she had a little rash on her cheek. Then Casey says "I don't know when that blanket was last washed..."

We get ready for the beach. Peyton cried the whole time there. It was windy and cold, the sun was shining, I got burnt to a crisp, and I was just done. I hated the whole thing.

The only good part thus far is that I went to work on Saturday night. Made some good money. I love waitressing, I just hope I'm not stuck there forever. Came home and slept for a little bit before going to work tonight.

I only stayed for a few hours because Peyton was crying the whole time home with Joe. He called me crying saying that he was going to take her to the hospital. I told William see ya later and clocked out, got a ride from Sachi, and now Peyton is asleep. I think she just missed her momma.

Okay, that's all. I'm still burning.

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Aug. 30, 2008 at 2:32 AM

Aw Taylor, this broke my heart. We have to go to the beach and make a good memory -and take sunblock. :o).

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