When I say package I mean my little nephew who has come into this world finally.....lol. We have been waiting and he came....early......he was born 5/31 and we wasn't expecting him until the end of June. I guess he decided that he was tired of being couped up....lol. And he is so beautiful. I was there for the whole thing. It was an experience that I would probably never do again.....lol....I'm serious. I mean watching it on televison is different but that...no can't do again. It was an wonderful experience but nothing to do again. But anyways the whole time that me and my brother was there we just had to crack jokes....he was so nervous oh my goodness if only I had some pics of his face when she started pushing....lol. We were thinking what if the song Push It by Salt-n-Pepper came on right at the time she had to push and we even got up and did the dance...lol....oh my goodness that was too funny. My sister in law didn't pay us any mind because she was feeling the meds they gave her....oh and another funny thing was that at the time we were in the hospital my neighbor was rolled in right next to our room...she had a boy as well....and the babies were 7 minutes apart.....isn't that funny. I think that's luck in some kind of way because of the number 7....I don't know sounds weird....but I'm so glad that my nephew is finally here....I haven't stopped shopping.....I went out and brought a bassinet on Saturday.....and then today I was suppose to be celebrating my 3rd year anniversary but I spent it shopping my husband didn't seem to mind though because he was right there with me....we had plans to barbque but those plans were changed....anyways I brought more t shirts, and pampers, and wipes, and toys, and baby products. My brother came to my house and seen all that stuff and said "you just don't stop do you?"......lol. This is my first nephew and he's going to be spoiled...trust me...lol.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 2:26 AM congratulations!

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