I can't believe how fast this year has flown by already....I have a good route with a lot of good kids. high school and the little ones'..they say don't get attached to them?.. yeah ok, right.. you see them five day's a week... the smiles, frowns and everything else..how can you not care or get attached and miss them during the summer?. I sure do.. plus I have a lot of parents I see everyday and they have gotten to know me and I have them.. they know I care about there little angel's... I treat these kid's as I would want someone to treat my own kids.. with resecpt and careing.....Ive been a bus driver for ten years now..I couldnt think of a better job than this..I enjoy driving that yellow bird...*smiles*. Have a great summer everyone.. my last day is june 5th.then I work summer school.... *smile*..Bus Drivers and Asst are the best!

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