What an amazing way to get away from reality & escape with your girlfriends!!! 6 of us met today at the 12:45pm showing of Sex in the City at the Great Mall Theaters in Milpitas, CA. We got there early enough to sit & chat, buy our snacks & slushees, and managed to pick out great seats! I read an review done by someone who complained that it was "too long" and "too drawn out" - but for me, that was only icing on the cake! 2 hours & 22 minutes of pure girlfriend bonding, no crying babies, and no men to roll their eyes when we cried - and yes did we cry!!! LOL!

It was a great movie despite what critics say - it had everything you needed in a good chick flick: jealousy (Carrie & Co can drop $$$ like nobody's business), eye candy (ladies, all I need to say is "Dante" next door), true friendship (New Years eve scene), betrayal & forgiveness, and passing on the glimmer of hope for a happily ever after!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:21 AM I'm glad you enjoyed the movie and the friend time!

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