Some days are so bland, others are so chaotic.  Then there are days that just mean the world to you.  My littlest one, who just turned two, is starting to really blossom into quite the beauty and such a sweetheart.  She is so thoughtful all ready by helping me pick up the house and she does this with out direction.  She loves to color on the walls and yet, she will grab the wipes and clean it right off.  She is such a girly-girl and LOVES her finger nails and toe nails painted and to twirl in pretty dresses.  She has to wear a night gown to bed and she is a very big daddy's girl.  She loves dolphins and horses like every girl should and has quite the imagination already.  I have always thought that my little angel has a very special spirit about her.  She walks in the room and it is so much more lively with her around.  She has a smile that puts anyone in a great mood.  And best of all she loves to do whatever anyone else is doing as long as she can sing and dance while she is doing it.

Her Birthday was last week and what an event that was.  She had an exciting day at the Dinosaur Meausium and loved to see all the rocks and fossils.  I think her favorite parts were the turtle shells and touching the fossilized coral and uncovering a dino bone.  Then on Saturday we had a fantastic time at the park for her party with our family.  She had a beautiful tinker bell cake and balloons which are her favorite decorations.  Then she got to swing and slide to her little heart's content.  Eating the cake and Ice cream were deffinently a treat as well.  She got some new purses and play shoes and some sand box toys.  She also got the color wonders markers with some activity pages and a tablet to use as well.  She loved the markers and toys but got a little frustrated when the markers wouldn't color on her legs like she loves to do.  Her big sister gave her a beautiful dolphin figurine that is purple and blue in which she carries everywhere with her.  And her big brother gave her a doll that had a toy cow to go along with it.  She also got a scooter and a new bike helmet to play with outside and a litte bit of money from her grandparents and aunt.

Here is a pic of my little sweetie.

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