So I get back from being on holiday for 3 weeks to a lawn that is almost up to my knees! I can't mow, I dont' know how to start the stupid things and I usually break it when I use it.  It never even crossed my mind while I tilled and planted my garden today that wood ticks LOVE tall grass!!!  So I have been laying in bed for 3 hrs, feeling like bugs are on me. I get up to look at what I am feeling and there is a tick, 3 to be exact!  Who knows if I am missing any!  And then I look on the bed spread, 1 more, then the wall by the bed, 1 more and then on my way out of the room, another one!  6 total!!!  I am sure there are more too.  I need to go check on the dog.  I wonder how many are on Hannah tonight.  GROSS!  I am sleeping on the couch

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:54 PM EEEWWWWWW, I have this horrible fear of wood ticks and spiders. I was in the shower getting ready for work one morning-before Sophia thankfully and found a tick on me. I freaked out, DH wasnt home so I got out of the shower and showed up to work with dripping wet hair and no makeup so my friend/boss could take it off-sad huh. So I ended up finishing getting ready there. She still makes fun of me for it and it has been 4yrs.

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