My name means "pure" and I believe it is Irish or Welsh.

 I am of the first generation of Caitlyn's, Caitlin's, Kaitlyn's, Katelyn's, etc.  My mom named me this before it became a trendy name.  I have only met two Caitlyn's older than me, and that was by about a year or two.  There are MANY that are younger than me!  It's a name I see very often on those soccer ball magnets I see on the backs of vans.

 The spelling of my name is very unusual.  In fact, while visiting family in Wisconsin I stopped at an A&W and got a hot dog because I was pregnant at the time and hadn't eaten.  My cashier had a nametag with the exact same spelling as my name.  I flipped out and started rambling, "oh my God I thought my parents were wacky for spelling it that way!  I've never met anyone with the name spelled that way!"  Thankfully she knew where I was coming from and told me she thought her Mom was weird as well for spelling it that way.  I whipped out my license to show her my name (like I needed proof LMAO!) 

Then I saw it spelled the same way later on in my pregnancy as I was following behind a car going over traintracks on one of those little magnetic soccerballs on the back of a Lexus.  Haha! 

 So only twice in my life have I seen it spelled that way, other than in my own case of course.

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