Go ahead and scratch your head and ask what for if you haven't already!

I have exactly four more days to get my apartment cleaned, packed and move out. By FRIDAY we are supposed to be living in Grafenwoher.

This means I have four days to clean the house from top to bottom, get all of the laundry dne! So far I'm looking at eight loads and it's only Monday.

By Friday I have to have my car pack up and ready to go... I haven't even thought about what to pack yet!

Speaking of packing hubby has yet to make an appointment with the movers to come pack us up! THERE ARE FOUR MORE DAYS!

Im tired and full of morning sickness (just set in this morning, nice eh?) so I want nothing better to do than climb back into bed and sleep.

Did i mention that as of Friday we are homeless? Yeah how could i leave that fact out, there is NO housing in Graf as of last time we checked in. We could check into a hotel but seeing as how we have $600 to make us through the next two weeks. So not happening!

Welcome to Military life overseas kids.. we've moved 5 times in the last two years and this is the first time Im not being a control freak and doing everything because hubby said he would and that he didnt want me to stress out because it wasnt good for the baby.

THERE ARE FOUR DAYS! eek! if i wasnt stressing yet I sure am feeling it now! It takes two days to pack up our house.. one to box everything up and a second to load it into the truck.. hopefully without breaking anything this time.

I need more time!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:30 AM

I hope that you can try not to stress because I imagine that your move will happen with or without the stress (I know easier said than done) and stress will just make your neck hurt.  I absolutely hate moving so i feel for you. I hope that this ends up being one of the easiest moves you've ever done


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