I guess I have struggled with weight issues after I met my first husband, He was very controlling and always told me I was to skinny so I gained weight for him to only to find out the he was gay and was having an affair with my brother in law. This is heart breaking and know 110lbs heavier, I never thought I could lose that weight. I tried every diet possible to only to gain more weight. I finally tried Hcg. I was very nervous and I saw that a lot of people we purchasing it on line. I was scared to do this until I found this Dr. in the valley that was open on week ends. He was great and actually not only did he put me on Hcg, but worked on me from head to toe, He helped me to dig myself out my hole that I was in. I really never thought I could lose this weight. I know feel good and look great especially my new husband, who now has gained some weight himself is now asking me how I lost all my weight. He is about to start the Hcg diet himself. I never gained my weight back, I did do lipotropic injections to help me maintain. I think this diet is the best, Theres many weight loss programs out there I think you should do you research and do the best one for you.

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