Papaw was hallucinating, but was saying he wanted his family.  Two hours later what he wanted came out, he started writing on imaginary paper, and was insistant ( if that made any sense)  the entire time.  Finally we thought to get him real paper.  He said "rose" which is my grandma, write this down ( he was very clear)  and wrote a request to see his grandson, who he hasn't seen in over 10years due to family conflict.  OMG!   He wants him there.  In all honesty, I completely doubt that this grandson will come to him.  After he got that note written, which was just the name, Papaw calmed down and went to sleep.  The nurse did give him more morphene, since he had his fists drawn and was having stomach spasms.  He also wanted icecream, and ate 4oz of it.  The dying process is new to me, but this is just strange imo. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:17 AM ((HUGS))

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