Well he went to far an i broke up with him!

me and the baby are so much happier its been about 2 months now. I've had this friend who wanted to be with me and Debbie loves him. he is a really good friend he has been taking us out and we have been having a blast im so much happier now. He just makes me Smile so much and Omg. Debbie just adores him! is that a good thing should i be dating so soon? i don't know but were happy i guess thats all that matters. Some of my family is not too happy and some are happy for me i really don't know what to do if i did th rite thin or not. im happy but confused and lost. the babys dad keeps telling me that we need to try and work things out for the baby but i really don't want to. it hurts me so much to do this but i was unhapy with him what do i do. ....................................

lost and lonley 

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