I hate this! I hate that sometimes I have no control of the nasty words that pour from my mouth when I stub my toe or someone cuts me off while I'm driving. My potty mouth has my children spouting off a slew of bad words that would make a sailor blush. Oh they use them during appropiate times, such as when one of them socks the other or they hurt themselves. I can't say that I alone am the problem, Rob has a very bad mouth, he's a construction worker and have you heard them? I thought it was just that he needed a good mouth washing, but after hearing a group of them together heck they all do!

I do hate cursing, I hate that when I get with some people that's all that comes out of their mouth. My sisters are very bad! It just seems to flow out of their mouths like running water. I would have never cursed in front of my mom but they do it with gusto.

I try to think of other ways to say what emotion I need to say instead of cursing...  but I do have slipups. I could kick myself for those! I think I'll make myself  a swear jar and throw in a quarter or something like that for each swear. I should have that filled up by the end of the year... SIGH! This I need to work on, I don't want to be a bad example for my kiddos. I told them that saying these words sets up a very bad habit that's hard to break. I need to lead by example.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:36 AM Your right , you do need to lead by example.  Another thing to tell the kids is there are many ways to express yourself before reverting to bad words.

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