Avon has been helping women stay home to take care of their families, and still make money, for over 120 years.  They are a recognized and trusted company; quite literally a household name.

I never thought I could sell anything, and I certainly wasn't going to sell Avon, but when I heard you earn 50% on your first four campaigns, and it was near Christmas, I thought I would do the four campaigns, make some quick cash, then quit.  Well, when my first order was $850, and my others not far behind, I was hooked, and 5 years later, I'm still doing it.

Do you want to sell Avon?  There are many reasons to start an Avon Business.  Could you use some extra money?  Do you love the products and want to receive 20-50% commission on them?  Do you want to start a home business that allows you the flexibility that you need?

                               Exclusive Avon Advantages
                               No Inventory Required
                               Minimal Start up Fee (only $20)
                               Sell Then pay
                               Earn up to 50% commission

If you are ready to sign up to be an Avon Rep,  go to the Website to sign up for Avon and enter the reference code pamburger  I will be in contact with you as your upline leader. 

 Why join my AVON Team?  I offer mentoring, coaching, and ongoing communication.  Your questions will be answered, and you will have all the support you need to succeed with your new business!

click below for more information:

 Need to hear more??  Just message me for more info.


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